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tion had any major causative effect for infantile spasms, it

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by parasites, which may be transplanted to other animals.

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made a dilute solution of gr. iij. in water, and took a third

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Information Concerning Patients Obtained while in the Discharge of

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be opened by one physiologist and followed by another. I take it as-

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murder in the first degree. .\ble counsel for the defence

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ty, high colored, acid, not albuminous ; orthopnoea ; fluctuation percep-

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irritability of the alimentary tract, will prove in-

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specimen obtainable in town at that time. It would be

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sorts include treatments that are of “limited short term

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to be sufficient ; a possible subsequent lack of hydro-

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defined as abdominal section for the removal of a tu-

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months oi pregnancy the heart usually becom lig to the

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London, and were surprised to find in the King's Physician a kindly,

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of what we now know to be due to an entirely different parasite, viz., the so-called

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patient was shot at a distance of only twelve paces by a regulation

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sin bodies " in tumors, are very well known. The so-

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Cutter, Charles William, B.S Chase & Whitley Iowa.

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posed to have any agency in the correction of putrid animal vapours, then all the

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Treves went a step further, and injected a solution

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A. Sulphate of zinc is acid to test paper, sulphate

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pendix adherent to a portion of caecum, a portion of omentum, and a

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has the strength to do it. In that way, you see, occa-

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, , , . i • 1 f to connect certain symptoms with one or me

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Four litres of urine passed by this patient in the in-

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epidemics. Pregnant women almost invariably abort or miscarry during

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