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would be worth while to pay attention to this point to ascertain
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placed above the animal (20 to 30 inches above the plate). As similar
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complete occlusion of the bowel in three weeks in the dog.
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Townsendia condensata, Parry, Washakie's Needles, July.
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the rib is broken in the Hne of section of the other two ribs.
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mo\ml either by knife or escharotics is practicable, a favorable opinion may be
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in which the accident happened at the ritual of circumcision in infancy,
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some cases, we found that during the last days of life, when the
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that some definite therapeutic action would used in giving medicines for disease.
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upon certain large molluscan nerve cells in the fresh state. The complement
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of Medicine, Saturday evening, April 25, 1908, at the Cleveland Medical
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respect and affection of his students, he was trusted and beloved
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hold of this work, will accomplish much good. They will, however, excuse us for
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ary opportunities to those who desire to pursue this study.
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sion from the meninges. An abstract is worth quoting :
thin-walled blood-vessel. The periosteum consists of two or three

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